Our Mission

To create sustainable learning centers through meaningful engagements that spur development and empowers beneficiaries.

Our Vision

To raise innovative and creative
minds to effect a social
transformation across Africa.

What We Do

At INGAF, we pride ourselves in leading enviable change across our prime focus areas, also effecting specific and measurable impact through our partners across target communities in Africa.
We also seek to promote a sustainable broad-based school-community relationship with the aim of solving t h e s o c i a l , e c o n o m i c  a n d environmental challenges.


Our desire to make an impact in our world is supported through:


We create free learning centres for adults in various communities. We also seek to fund less-privilege children with their fees to go to school, with educational materials, to enable smooth teaching and learning process to take place. To achieve peak performance, we motivate teachers to be more innovative and creative, as they execute their duties. We also give grants to young adults and sponsor them to engage in skill acquisition programmes (SAPs) that will assist them to become financially independent.

Capacity Building

We visit various schools to train students to become better thinkers and solution providers. We also launch out to various institutions and communities, building relationships with heads of schools and community leaders respectively and creating effective social impact solutions across Africa.