Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, the founder of INGAF, Emmanuel Idiagi, saw many promising and brilliant children leaving school to engage in street hawking, house cleaning, and other menial jobs. And sadly, some of the community children who went to school came out with excellent results they couldn’t defend. He also observed how his middle-income earning father struggled and sometimes borrowed funds to ensure his siblings finished their University education. 
Being an eyewitness to these ordeals and many more, he drew inspiration to partner with the United Nations, humanitarian bodies and the government of nations to educate and empower children, youths and women in poverty stricken communities in Africa. The Vision gave birth to Intellectual Giants in Africa Foundation (INGAF). 
INGAF started in August 2017 with three children in a little coaching centre in a community called Alugu-Lungu in Abuja(AMAC), Nigeria.The centre aided kids in the community to attain academic excellence, and assisted the women to gain basic literacy education. Formally, Intellectual Giants in Africa Foundation was established in January 2019 as an Incorporated Trusteeship under the Nigerian Law with the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/NO 123780). 
Today, it has successfully established local learning centres, giving children and women access to literacy education and empowering youths in various entrepreneurial skills. INGAF also has an arm, Excellent Coaching Centre; a dynamic centre that trains, molds and builds young children. It has over time effectively groomed hundreds of pupils, giving them free educational materials and partly funding their schooling. 
Through INGAF’s enlightenment programmes, it educates the masses on issues relating to Entrepreneurship, Governance, Morality, Leadership, Cultural values and other Peace-promoting programs. INGAF has a membership network that covers every Geo-political Zones in Nigeria and other partners and membership network in U.S.A, United Kingdom and Ghana.Thankfully, INGAF’s focused and vibrant team, coupled with the donations from partners, have really contributed to its tremendous success.
– Quality Education
– Leadership Development 
– Entrepreneurship
-To build learning centres for women and children in rural communities in Africa. 
– To donate relevant instructional materials, textbooks, exercise books to less privileged pupils in schools. 
– To train and empower youths with entrepreneurial skills to become solution provider, job creators and financially independent. 
– To actively engage community leaders to creatively solve the crucial problems within their community. 
-To promote school-community relationship
– To partner with relevant authorities and stakeholders in carrying out related programmes and activities.