Education intervention is the nucleus of the foundation`s work and our goal is to promote quality education for adults and children. In addition to that, supplying all the resources needed to improve technical, vocational and higher education in Africa is part of our vision. 
Our intervention seeks to promote basic Literacy Education for Adults Literacy Education, Girl-child Education, Career Development Programme and Life Coaching. Our vision is in line with Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that seeks to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Our focus on leadership development is essential to the current trends of events in the globe. Raising a new generation of young citizens, having a track record of integrity, accountability, competency, that with the relevant qualities to propel change, growth and generic transformation in their various spheres, is part of our vision – raising Intellectual Giants in Africa.


Our entrepreneurial intervention seeks to support initiatives that better the lives of individuals and families through income generation and economic empowerment. This is in line with the fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goals 1 (No poverty) and Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). 
Vocational education, skills acquisition, and financial literacy is also core in our entrepreneurial intervention. We believe that as we meaningfully engage individuals effectively and productively, there will be increased employability opportunities, as the rate of unemployment and crime will reduce.