Revenue Recognition: What It Means in Accounting and the 5 Steps

Content Accounts That Make Up a Trial Balance Why understanding the revenue recognition principle is important How to get revenue recognition right for your business (incl examples) Terms Similar to the Revenue Recognition Principle The SEC also continues to focus on non-GAAP metrics, including adjustments that change the accounting policy or the method of recognition […]

Bookkeeper Job Description, Skills, Experience and Education

Content Are bookkeepers accountants? What can a bookkeeper do for your small business? How long does it take to start a bookkeeper career? What Does a Bookkeeper Do? Take the confusion of bookkeeping Accounts Receivable Clerk Roles & Responsibilities If you owned a construction company, however, you might have dozens of transactions each day as […]

Quicken Vs Quickbooks: Software Comparison

Content What Is the Difference Between QuickBooks & Quicken? Set up your paycheck Quicken At A Glance SBA Loans What Is a QuickBooks Alternative? So it’s a good idea to take advantage of Quicken’s 30-day money-back guarantee and trial the software before making a yearlong financial commitment. Additionally, users can import data via CSV, QIF, […]