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2020 Activities

Quality Education is part of Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Many students don`t have the privilege of having practical sessions and extra—mural classes. INGAF creates learning centres for mostly public-school pupils to have a better understanding of concepts, theories, ideas and principles being taught in their various schools. We also organize healthy competitions which include quiz competition, spelling bee, just to mention a few.   

Our Educational activities in Alugu-Lungu community, Gwarinpa, Abuja.  

The challenges that have bedeviled public schools in Africa are enormous. We go to Public schools to donate materials to underprivileged students, provide resources for teachers, also, career development trainings.

  • Our visit to Junior Secondary School Galadima, Abuja.


A snap shot with some of the Adult Education women in Lungu community.

As UNESCO works tirelessly to ensure universal access to quality education for all women and girls, so does INGAF. We build and create free training and learning centres in poor communities to discourage discrimination and ensure that the course of UNESCO is actualized in Africa.

SKILL ACQUSITION AND VOCATIONAL TRAININGS: INGAF believes that national issues like corruption, crime and unemployment can be reduced when young adults acquire skills and are empowered to be self-employed. Going to various communities to empower and train young people in tailoring, barbing, shoe making is part of our vision.



An Awareness on Sexual Abuse Sensitization, Lungu community, Gwarinpa Abuja


Community-School relationship

INGAF believe that School - Community relationship needs to be developed. This will enable the school curriculum align with the unique challenges in their various communities. Students end up becoming Solution Providers to the problems in their communities. We create a link by building platforms where Local Heads convey their problems to the School Principals Head of Schools.

  1. A visit to the chief Palace at Kuchibedna Community, Abuja.

A visit to Chief Palace Alugu-Lungu, Gwarinpa, Abuja.

Skill acquisition programme

Rebekah Joseph, a beneficiary of INGAF in Mima JJ fashion designing school in Gwarinpa, Abuja


In INGAF, we are youthful, smart and enthusiastic. As we serve in various communities in Africa, we also create an exciting learning environment that helps us stay fresh, promotes growth, progress and speed. For us, keeping our eyes on our vision - raising Intellectual Giants in Africa, is of the essence.

Africa shall rise and soar again.

A visit to Mrs Roseline Aghabalu, Executive Director of CAFYION.

A visit to Mrs Chidi Okeke working in the department United Nations Funds department under the Ministry of foreign affairs.

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