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Welcome to INGAF

We believe that Development is possible in Africa

Intellectual Giants in Africa Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in January 2019 as an Incorporated Trusteeship under the Nigerian Law with the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/NO 123780), to train and raise intellectuals who would solve the local, national and regional challenges across Africa.

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To create sustainable learning centers through meaningful engagements that spurs development and empowers beneficiaries. 


To raise innovative and creative minds to effect a social transformation across Africa.


S: Service-Driven

H – Honesty

A – Accountability

R – Relationship Building

E – Excellence




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Education intervention is the nucleus of the foundation`s work and our goal is to promote quality education for adults and children. In addition to that, supplying all the resources needed to improve technical, vocational and higher education in Africa is part of our vision. Our intervention seeks to promote basic Literacy Education for Adults Literacy Education, Girl-child Education, Career Development Programme and Life Coaching. Our vision is in line with Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that seeks to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


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Our focus on leadership development is essential to the current trends of events in the globe. Raising a new generation of young citizens, having a track record of integrity, accountability, competency, that with the relevant qualities to propel change, growth and generic transformation in their various spheres, is part of our vision – raising Intellectual Giants in Africa.



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Our entrepreneurial intervention seeks to support initiatives that better the lives of individuals and families through income generation and economic empowerment. This is in line with the fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goals 1 (No poverty) and Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).

Vocational education, skills acquisition, and financial literacy is also core in our entrepreneurial intervention. We believe that as we meaningfully engage individuals effectively and productively, there will be increased employability opportunities, as the rate of unemployment and crime will reduce. 

What we do.

Our outcomes are exceptional.

At INGAF, we pride ourselves in leading enviable change across our prime focus areas, also effecting specific and measurable impact through our partners across target communities in Africa.

We also seek to promote a sustainable broad-based school-community relationship with the aim of solving the social, economic and environmental challenges.  

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It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend INGAF.

I am glad to have known the humble beginnings of this organization and advised on various issues touching on its vision, mission and objectives. My interaction with the founder in no little way did assure me of the level of creativity, wit, and analytical thought that is quite rare among young people today. His contagious passion and undaunting vision to transform the minds of both the young and old is just amazing.

As the main driver of this organization, his skills are truly phenomenal – for choosing to pursue a path of nobility and self-sacrifice, I doff my hat for him.

Emmanuel's wide-ranging intellect is such that he would be bored by the status quo. He is ready to assume and excel in worthwhile initiatives across communities of need, and possesses the self-motivation to successfully create and execute initiatives that truly transform lives and communities.

His team compliments his strengths by demonstrating top-notch leadership skills to their credit. It is my humble submission and believe that INGAF, as led by Emmanuel Idiagi, will go far in making Nigeria, Africa and our world a better place.

INGAF is a very unique foundation delivering invaluable services to one of the most important groups of our society – the youths. Education of the youths is the life blood of any country that aspires to be great.

The United Nations, African Union, Economic

Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the European Union and many other international organizations affirm the necessity to educate every child. INGAF touches the core of this by helping to educate Nigerian young minds and it aspires to cover the whole of Africa.

The sincerity, zeal, passion, diligence and dedication with which the vision-bearer of this foundation (Emmanuel) carry, is not less than what I know about him. I have known Emmanuel for a long time and one thing has stuck with his identity – tireless pursuit of education for the youths.

We both had the privilege of teaching students alongside in extramural classes in Lagos. And so, it is with my whole heart that I recommend INGAF and I implore all education-lovers all over the world to support this foundation achieve quality education for every African child for a better future.

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